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Reflective address signs available for $10 each

In an emergency, how easy is it for the fire and

police departments to locate your house?

Reflective address signs  help the police and fire departments locate your residence or business quicker in an emergency. They are available at the Hamilton Township fire station on 1460 Obetz Rd. between  8 am and 6 pm Monday through Friday. The cost is only $10.00 each. The sign(s) can be made while you wait. The signs are green with white numbers. Your sign(s) can be prepared in-advance for pickup when you arrive by calling 491-1013.

Hamilton Township is a growing community in Franklin County and Central Ohio adjacent to the City of Columbus and the Village of Obetz

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Hamilton Township Fire Department receives donation of oxygen recovery kits  for treating smoke inhalation in pets.

   Columbus Dog Scouts has donated two oxygen recovery kits to Hamilton Township Fire Department.  The kits will be placed in the fire engines at each station. 

   These kits will allow firefighters to give life-saving first aid to pets exposed to smoke inhalation in fires.

   The donation is a result of fundraising by the Columbus Dog Scouts. A generous donation of 40 kits by Invisible Fence of Columbus East has allowed them to fund 57 units. This provides a kit to equip every fire engine in Franklin County for emergency animal resuscitation.

Lt. Scott Johnson, left, and Firefighter John Blankenship stand in front of Medic 171 with Dr. Jacqueline Johnson of Columbus Dog Scouts with HTFD’s new kits.

Residents of Hamilton Township had the opportunity to participate in a rain garden workshop as part of the Franklin County Commissioners’ Rain Garden Challenge 2011, Hamilton Township is one of four townships installing a demonstration rain garden with the help of Franklin Soil and Water Conservation District. The rain garden has been installed at the road department building.

Hamilton Township residents with low to moderate household incomes are eligible to apply for a $200 cost-share for reimbursement for plants, compost, and mulch if they install a rain garden on their own property. The cost-share opportunities are limited and will be distributed among the four participating townships.

Josh Marcum and Kevin Adkins worked hard in the heat to excavate the new rain garden going in at the Township Maintenance Garage. It was first planted on Sat. June 11, 2012 after a rain garden workshop presented for township residents by Stephanie Suter of Franklin Soil and Water.

For more information, follow this link:  Franklin County Soil and Water Conservation District

Safe Walking Tips from the Get Active Columbus web page.  Click this link for more about walking and staying active in the Columbus area!

Being safe is important when taking a walk.  Follow these safety tips when walking in your neighborhood:

  1. Know your route before you leave.

  2. Use sidewalks. If you must walk on a route without a sidewalk, walk facing traffic.

  3. Use crosswalks. Even if it takes you a few extra minutes, walk to the closest crosswalk. Be sure that oncoming traffic is going to stop before you begin to cross.

  4. Never cross mid-block.

  5. Make yourself visible! You are more likely to get hit if a driver can’t see you. At night, make yourself visible by wearing light and/or reflective clothing.

  6. Don’t surprise drivers by coming out into the road from behind objects such as parked cars.

  7. Alcohol and drugs impair your ability to walk safely.

  8. Be aware of your surroundings. You have as much responsibility as the drivers do.

  9. Be a good role model. Teach your children safe guidelines for walking and follow them yourself.

Click this link to view and report power outages to AEP:  AEP

If your power company is South Central Power, click this link: SCP